Friday, February 4, 2011

Challenge Day 4 - Favorite Foundation

I've been using Korres Wild Rose Foundation for almost 2 years. One of the beauty gurus suggested it as an alternative to a much more expensive Chanel Foundation. At the time I was using MAC and noticed that it was oxidizing on my face giving me an unflattering washed out appearance. I had acne when I was younger and I used heavy duty full coverage foundation...something I find very uncomfortable. My requirements for foundation: 1. lightweight, light to medium coverage 2. good color match obviously 3. staying power, especially on my tzone I went completely off the reviews for this foundation because Sephora didn't sell it in stores. I purchased it online and guessed that I was probably a Shade 1 (there aren't many colors to choose from). I LOVE IT! It covers all the redness, keeps my skin even all day and it doesn't look like I'm covered in a layer of foundation. The Korres brand earned the Natural Beauty seal for using formulas without harmful chemicals, I own several things from the company but this is my favorite product that I've tried.

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