Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge Day 21 - Favorite Lipstick

This has been the easiest challenge day so far. I only have about four lipsticks so it's easy to pick favorites.
I wear this one during the day. Benefit's Ladys Choice. It's a "same shade as my natural lips" color that goes with every day makeup look. It's not really a nude but it isn't pink either, just a perfect natural lip color that enhances my look. The formula is super creamy so I have to keep reapplying it especially if I skipped lipliner but I don't need additional lip balm. I wear this one at night or when I need to dress up. MAC High Strung. This lipstick is hard to describe. There are gold / silver flecks in the lipstick and it looks pinky/bronze on me. This looks best with a darker eye. It's very drying so I have to layer it over lip balm and usually I dab a bit of gloss over the top.


  1. Oh I need to check out Lady's Choice!

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