Monday, December 20, 2010

Work Christmas Party

So the past week has been so much fun at work, everyone has a stocking and we've all been leaving Christmas cards, candy and small gifts for each other. I wanted to wait until this week to "stuff" the stockings. My contribution will be my favorite Christmas treat:
These are soooooo good. We keep our candy dish at home full of them and I've been carrying a few in my lunch bag every day. I have a few coworkers that I'm really close with but this is my first Christmas with them and I wasn't sure how they did gifts. I bought a few round tins at the dollar store and packaged homemade candies (recipes to follow this week) but I have been really shocked at the nice gifts I've received! My loot:
The social worker gave me those beautiful painted snowman wine glasses and a very nice set of candy cane notecards that didn't make it into the photo. I think they were a "congratulations on your new apartment" / Christmas gift. My boss gave me the Victoria's Secret lotion and body wash and the secretary gave me the hand sanitizer and kitchen soap. Random candy was found in my stocking from the techs and nurses. My company also gave us all $25 gift cards to target! I made raspberry brownies for the Christmas party and the boss bought us all lunch from a very nice resturant in town (anyone ever had Korean Beef - good lawd it's amazing! We each brought a gift card from a resturant or store of our choice to play "The Wright Family Christmas". If you've never played, you must google it for a copy of the's a different variation of dirty santa or white elephant but if you read it fast it can get super confusing. I ended the game with a $25 gift card to Cracker Barrel and this sweet ornament: It's freaking adorable on my tree! We also received a gift from a local drugstore that apparently sends them out to all the medical offices. Here it is:
It has a nice scripture from the book of Psalms on the back and the inside of the bell is a snowflake! The social worker and I have divided the units for the patient Christmas parties on Wednesday. We're both making sugar cookies and decorating the lobbies. I've ordered the food so it'll be boxed up with utensils and they have little gifts from the company and cards from the staff that they'll be receiving that day. I'm really excited about it! If I remember I might try and sneak a picture.
Just for fun, this is Lilly getting ready for yet another Christmas movie...

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