Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

Favorite Christmas Memories.
I have too many to pick favorites so I just chose two.
1. When I was young and Santa was still a reality I have a distinct memory of my dad coming to open presents with me Christmas morning with his beard covered in cookie crumbs (green cream oreos were for Santa!) and milk in his moustache! Apparently they had forgotten that I'd check the snack plate we left for Santa until the last minute and mom told dad to take care of in a hurry and he forgot to check the mirror! PS - do they still make the green cream oreos anymore? I think they had a christmas tree stamped in the center instead of the oreo emblem???
2. My Christmas dolls. My grandpa bought my cousin and I a porcelain doll every birthday and every Christmas. I have some really beautiful ones and even some he handmade wooden stands for. They are still displayed in my room at my mom's house. I also love the way he wrapped them in the packing paper that they were probably shipped in and never wrote our names on them...just handed us each one. Honestly they weren't always new, sometimes he bought them from antique sales or auctions and obviously there were years when Cynthia and I didn't get the same one. My favorite is a Lady Diana Spencer doll. When we had family dinner Papa made sure this gift was our last present of Christmas!

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