Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Shopping

Like most of the east coast, my family has been snowed in since early Sunday morning. Our first White Christmas (that just missed Christmas by a few hours) since I was a little girl. My county had a solid foot of snow! So excited that it is finally starting to melt. Mom and I spent the whole day yesterday baking, playing cards, and watching movies. The novelty of snow wears off quickly in the Carolinas and I was happy when we could finally get out and do a little after Christmas shopping today. My loot: From Pier One this metal sleigh and reindeer tealight holder. I bought this as a centerpiece and I might weave some garland or poinsetta branches underneath it.
These were given to me, crystal Santa taper candle holders. I think I will use these with gold candles.
From Hallmark a snowy forest ornament, the camera didn't pick it up but there is a doe in the background. This scene is very similar to the one engraved on my dad's tombstone so I thought it would look beautiful on the tree in his memory.
Pickle ornament from Pier One. My friend told me her family hides the pickle in the tree every year and I noticed this is one ornament that they always sell out of so I picked one up for myself.
Tartan Plaid wrapping paper and gift tags from Hallmark.
I bought a few ornaments and mini diffusers from Pier One to use as gifts next year. I chose the ornaments with specific coworkers in mind but at least I can package them together for a quick gift. I LOVE the gingerbread diffuser so I might keep a couple for myself.
Modeling my new snowflake earrings from Kohls. I wanted something festive to wear that could possibly be used all winter long.
I really wasn't as excited this year about after Christmas shopping. I really don't need anything. In a month or so boots, thick socks, and scarves will go on clearance and I might purchase a few things then. I am in the market for a new raincoat but honestly nothing I'd go out and stand in line for. I think I might pick a few more things that can be used for gifts next year as I find them.

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