Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Mom's Christmas Tree

Mom wanted some new decorations for her tree this year. She had some mismatched ornaments that she has collected over the years but she was bored with the "same old" items. I was in charge of finding her colorful, fun ornaments which I had a blast doing because I'd probably never choose these colors for my tree.
These were the "ingredients" for her tree. She has an artificial, fiber optic tree so I wanted to get ornaments that had some sparkle. I bought the ornament tubes for $1 at the dollar spot at Target. I bought the snowflakes 4 for $1.00 and the candy ornaments for $2 each. Mom bought the garland (haha, yes it's old school and kind of tacky but she likes it). I found the blue bow at Target for $5.
This is the blue bow on top of the tree. The cabinet behind the tree holds moms Santa Claus collection. That pig on the left is the thing I hate most, it was a gag gift from a coworker and she won't get rid of it.
A closeup of some of the ornaments on the tree. I love that the colorful lights and old school garland look like the trees I had when I was a kid. Christmas is so special to me; 1997 was the last Christmas I had with my dad and I love when mom does up all of our old family traditions. Christmas day my mom invites extended family over for brunch so this tree will have lots of gifts for the kids!

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