Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 8 of the 12 days of Christmas

Things I like least...
Today's post is all about what things I like least about the holiday season. Yea there isn't much, it took a bit of thinking for me to come up with this list.
1. Not related to the holidays directly but I really am not a fan of cold weather. It's odd because I love sweaters, scarves and boots but HATE the cold. I particularly don't like dry skin and chapped lips associated with cold weather. In the Carolinas we have weird weather during November / December 70* to 29* to 57* to 10* - it's so hard to know how to dress.
2. Long lines Starbucks, at resturants, at Target, at Macys. It's hard to stay optimistic, especially on Black Friday because everyone seems so grouchy.
3. Budgeting for all the extra expenses. In December there are more parties, cocktails, fundraisers, decorating, gift buying, dinners with family, etc. Unfortunately we don't make any additional money during the month so staying on budget is important but often falls on the priorty list - after all, it comes but once a year! I really try to plan for this but sometimes it's truely a headache. On the plus side there are also a lot of "free" or basically free activities like enjoying hot chocolate by a fire, Christmas specials on tv (i.e the 25 days of Christmas on ABC family), driving around to see Christmas lights, town parades, etc.
Alright I'm done being a Grinch!

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