Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Festival and Weekend Fun

What is up with blogger?  I've tried to post several times and my photos wouldn't load.  I wanted to share the fantastic and super fun weekend that R and I had this past weekend.  We went to a huge festival held annually in my small home town.  On Saturday morning we started with the parade and a trip to a craft fair.  All the local churches were out selling delicious sausage biscuits and sweets for breakfast.
The grand marshalls of the parade and the most beautiful horse I've ever seen!
This large grocery cart is driven in almost all North Carolina small town festivals to help remind us to support NC agriculture and local companies, it is also featured at the state fair.  I just really love seeing a giant shopping cart :-)  My niece was in the parade with her dance team - they won the award for the 'non-float' competition.  She has been sick for a week so I was surprised to see that she was actually in the parade but it was the best 30 seconds of the entire weekend for me!
R and I in the crowd.  I wish I had remembered my sunblock!
After the parade there were bluegrass bands in the park and local pork barbeque.  R had been craving BBQ so it was spectacular timing.
We met Big Juicy from TruTV's Lizard Lick Towing.  This show is a guilty indulgence for me - I can't miss an episode and I think she is hilarious.  I joked with R that she cuddled up with him for the photo but  I AM the fan of the show and look like I'm photo bombing in the background.
Our Saturday schedule of events...carnival, rodeo, street dance...oh my!  We did actually attend the street dance both nights but we definitely preferred the bands featured on Friday to the DJ's that were out on Saturday.  After wearing boots all weekend and checking out all the horses and mules in the area, a guy singing Johnny Cash seemed more appropriate to the setting than a DJ playing Akon.
This was the only thing I purchased at the craft fair and I love it!  It's a wine bottle that has been melted flat in a kiln and now it can be used as a cheese tray.  It even came with a cute spreader!  I like to pick out unique things at local fairs and it was hard to make a decision but this tray seemed like a lot of fun.  I love that it can be hung as decoration as well.
R and I stayed with my mom so I snapped this photo of the cheap efficient plastic shelves that are serving as "wedding storage".  Everything shoved in this corner is for the wedding and I hate how disorganized it looks.  At least it is all in one place and it hasn't completely taken over the room.  We are almost done buying "things" and can focus on paying for services instead.
 Sunday I had my first Starbucks pumpkin spice latte of the season and we finished an important wedding chore.  All the guys have officially picked out their suits for the wedding!  I had a few concerns in the beginning that it would look strange to have different suits but it worked out well.   I think every guy will have a ton of confidence that they are wearing a suit they love and can have tailored to fit. 
After suit shopping we met my MOH and her husband at Cafe Caturra to celebrate her birthday (one day late) with mimosas and salad.  We had such a good time that two hours passed easily before we realized that we had to move on with our day.  I had a whole afternoon of laundry and they were entertaining her parents for dinner than night. 
And the best part.... R and I officially made it to the 6 month mark!  We were engaged on March 23 2012 and we are getting married on March 23 2013.  I'm happy with the progress we've made in our planning but I can't wait for the months to come! 

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