Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Fun 2012

R is on his bachelor weekend in Baltimore this weekend.  His friends bought tickets to the baseball game and they are going to party for a couple of days.  Which means....I get the house to myself!!!!  I'm never alone and sometimes it's nice.  I can lay on the couch and watch wedding shows until the early morning hours sipping wine:-)
 Dinner last night was courtesy of Fresh Market...dill salmon and lemon orzo washed down with a cold sierra nevada tumbler.  I also purchased some cookies to snack on...their kitchen sink cookies are phenomenal!

I had some fun shopping yesterday afternoon for some halloween decorations.  I really don't have a lot of space for a ton of new decorations but I really wanted to make the house more festive. I'd love to decorate our front door with a new wreath and some potted mums but those things just don't last.  Our house faces west and the sun is so strong in the afternoon that the doorknob will burn you when you come home after work.  My front door rug has faded and every garden flag I've put out there has faded in the sun.  I tried putting a potted plant beside the front door and it was completely fried in a couple of weeks (it was a shrub plant that belongs in direct sunlight too!).  Anyway I found a cute flag at pier one that I'm hoping won't fade too much in a month.
 I decorated our mantel this year.  I hate that this wall is so white, this didn't photograph well at all but in person it looks a lot better.  I covered our mirror with some spider web material and I purchased some crows, porcelain pumpkins, and some candy corn from the dollar tree.

 We actually have this silver skull on our buffet table in the dining room year round but I move it to the living room for the month of October.  It's actually meant to hold dip and the little spreader has a handle that is shaped like a bone.
 I purchase this last year at pier one at the end of season sale.  I really hope I can hit up some sales this year for more fall / spooky decor.
Another purchase yesterday.  I've already used quite a bit of this candle.  It was $20 at Bath and Body Works and it literally smells good enough to eat.  Apparently they had a big sale last weekend and I missed it.  I only purchase one candle a season but I'd still rather not pay full price so they put me on the mailing list. I'm hoping I can go back and get a few more before the holiday season!

Well that was my attempt at decorating using very limited objects.  It definitely looks more festive around the house.  We will be going to pick out our pumpkins soon and I'm excited for that.  Last year the "melted crayon" pumpkins were really popular and I'm hoping I'll get to try that this year.  

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