Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grooms Attire

We decided early on to buy suits instead of renting tuxes for the wedding - R has been wanting a new suit anyway.  A few weeks ago there was a great deal at Joseph A Bank and R loved their signature separates.  They also have a great ongoing special on suits if you mention that you are buying several for a wedding.  We wanted our groomsmen to wear gray so R and all his guys are selecting their style of suit in whichever shade of gray they prefer.  R chose the black and white herringbone with a flat front trouser:
R purchased the ties for all his guys as well.  We decided not to do bow ties (even though I'm still sad about it) because we would have to have them made in the paisley pattern that matched the bridesmaid attire and it was easier (and cheaper) to purchase ties.  I love the pattern and the color is beautiful!

I wasn't sure what we wanted as for the boutonniere.  My main wedding flower is a peony and I didn't want anything to compete with the pattern and color of the tie.  Our florist suggested doing something "earthy" using greenery instead of flowers.  I sent this picture to her as an idea.  I don't know where I found this photo and I didn't tag it in my favorites so if anyone knows who it belongs to please contact me and I'll give credit to the photographer.
I love that it's wrapped in twine, my bouquet will have some twine around it so I think it could pull the look together.  Shopping for the male attendants attire isn't quite as much fun as looking through bridesmaid dresses.  I hope that all the guys are happy with their suits - the look will hopefully be coordinated without being too uniform.

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  1. Great idea on buying the suit rather than renting! We've thought about that, too, but I haven't actually gotten him to the store yet to look. We're using twine on our bouts and bouquets, too! Great minds think alike! :)