Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Products and the search for a new lip color

Lately I've been obsessed with finding a new perfect lip color.  I love my L'Oreal infallible lipglosses but I wanted something new to try.  After a little research I decided I'd try some Revlon products - they've changed the packaging in the last few years and they are so chic looking now!
 This is probably my new favorite gloss - Revlon's colorburst in rosepearl.  This is a beautifully pigmented gloss - not too pink, not too red and most importantly not too sticky.  The doe foot applicator is not nearly as precise as the L'Oreal infallible gloss though, I find that I have to swipe it several times against the top of the tube so I don't have a glob of gloss on the applicator.
 Revlon's lip butter has a huge cult following.  I purchased raspberry pie thinking it would be a flush of color....oh no, it's a bright highly pigmented berry shade.  I probably would not wear this often straight out of the tube but I would be willing to swipe a bit on my lips and dilute it out with my finger for a little color.  It's actually quite moisturizing which really surprised me.  The color payoff is excellent but the staying power is next to nothing, I found it on my teeth (ick), water bottle, breakfast sandwich,etc.  I'd be willing to purchase this in a more wearable shade..this color might be reserved for nights out.  The color itself actually looks okay on my pale skin but it would be more wearable on someone with darker skin coloring.
 Laura Mercier kohl eye liner in Black Gold is my new love.  I received this with my 500 point gift from sephora and I've used it every day.  I've used many shades of "brown" eyeliner in the past and they've always oxidized on my eyes.  This shade is almost a gold / taupe exactly the shade I would have steered away from in the past.  It doesn't oxidize!  It's stays a pretty shade of golden brown across my eyelid and looks more like a shadow than a harsh line.  It's so hard to describe and I'm so glad i didn't just give it away - I will definitely purchase the full size.
Alright so I realize I'm probably too old for the MTV teen drama Awkward but the show is hilarious (and way too adult for teenagers IMO).  Anyway this is a screen shot from the last show where Jenna is daydreaming about what her life would have like if she had made different choices.  I love the way she portrayed a "mean girl" and I love the makeup they used to amp up her features.  The point of me sharing this picture is to try and pinpoint the shade of berry pink that I'm looking for in a new lip color.  I think it's perfect for fall and I think it would look amazing in my bridal portraits next month.  The search continues - after a bit of research I have a list of potential lip products that I need to see in person.  I scheduled my hair appointment for early next month so my hair will have fresh color and I will be able to test drive new lip products for my fall look.

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