Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dansko...yes? no?

This is happening...I need to break down and buy a pair of Dansko clogs.  I'm going to choose from the professional line with the patent finish that can be wiped down at the end of a work day.  The new company that purchased us just sent our scrubs and as an RD I'm allowed to wear them too.  I will probably only wear them on days that I plan to spend in the clinic with patients.  Office days and charting days I will still wear my professional clothes.  Anyway getting back to the Danskos - I think they are hideous and honestly not terribly comfortable.  They are however slightly cuter than plain white or black sneakers.  I'm okay with these patent purple ones...they will probably clash with the scrubs but I really don't care, I'd rather have a pair no one else has and the irridescent blues, purples, and grays are really popular in my clinics.  Everyone swears I'll love them once I wear them and I hope they are right for a pair of shoes that cost this much.  If any of my blog followers have any opinions on the matter please comment!

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