Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving Soon...

Here are a few photos from my new apartment. It's quite a bit (over 100 sq ft) smaller than my last one but it's a great neighborhood, awesome location, and a reasonable price. I love how quiet it is in the community. Most of my neighbors work at the hospital as medicine residents or nurses so many of them keep odd working hours. I only have photos of a few rooms that I needed to purchase additional furniture for. This photo is a bit squished but the breakfast bar is bigger than shown here. I purchased a couple of the Ashley 30 in bar stools (photo below). I usually hate stools but these are super comfortable and I got them at a liquidation store so I had a great discount.
I purchased a foyer table to try and create an entryway. This table arrived from in perfect condition and I love the Merlot finish. It's the perfect size for a small apartment.
I had to buy all new drapes and curtain rods for my apartment. I sold the brown ones I used two years ago and my last apartment only had one tiny window. I want to hang sheers behind heavy "energy efficient" drapes all of which I found at a great price between two TJ Maxx stores. Unfortunately I didn't realize how hard it is to find the double rod hardware - the ones I found are ridiculously expensive and there isn't much variety. I finally found some that match at Anna's Linens but I'm willing to part with them if I can find anything less expensive.
My kitchen. The appliances are actually very modern compared with ones I've used in past apartments. I LOVE the pantry and all the cabinet space. My last apartment was pretty skimpy with kitchen storage.

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