Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas

But I really didn't want to be late on my day 2 see...there was this accident and then I got stuck in traffic...when I got home my dog had eaten the assignment... Here it is. Black Friday Tips and Tricks. Only 1 or 2 days late. The only tip I can share about Black Friday shopping is have a plan and a partner. Mom and I scour over the sales ads and decide our route and a timeline. If we have to wait in a line we usually bring camping chairs and blankets but most of the time she drops me off at the store and while she parks I shop. She comes in and gets in line to pay and I meet her with the items when I'm finished shopping. We reverse if there are items she wants to get. This year we headed to our local outlet mall that usually opens at midnight (though several stores opened at 10 pm on Thanksgiving Day and it made parking an overall nightmare. Kohls opened at 3am so we were in line when it opened and we made it to the mall by 4am so we could get to all the major department stores (which usually have additional coupons in the circular). We hit additional stores such as Express and Justice as they opened in the mall and stopped by the food court for breakfast around 6am. Then we were at a strip mall for bed, bath, and beyond, Ulta, kirklands, etc by 8am - this is where we parked in a central location and split up to get our shopping done on time (we were also buying for each other). We were at Walmart and Target by 9am when - at one point I left mom in line to pay at Target so I could get to Walmart to look an item for my niece. Basically make sure your cell phones are charged so you can keep in contact and have an idea of what you're buying for everyone so you can get in and get out. My last tip is know how much money you're willing to spend. With all the great deals it's easy to get off track with great boots or sweaters. I had an amount I wanted to spend on each person for Christmas and a max amount I wanted to spend total so I had wiggle room in case I found a great deal for items for myself.

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