Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Hiatus

So it's been awhile. The past several weeks have been chaotic to say the least.

 1. My grandmothers house caught fire and burned to the ground. My niece and nephew were living there but thankfully were at church when the blaze started. I've been spending time with family and when I'm not with them I've been shopping for them. Afterall my 6 year old niece is a fashionista who needs accessories and bows to go with ALL outfits.

 2. I've signed a lease and I'm moving in a couple of weeks. My mom has returned to work after her illness which means I can move on with my life as well. The apartment I've rented is quite a bit smaller than the last one but with price and location to consider I'm happy with my choice.

 3. Football season. Of course I've been trying to see lots of home college games but I've been watching it on tv as well.

 4. This is quite a full week coming up - I've been invited to several Thanksgiving get togethers (which are all "bring a dish" type affairs). I've also planned a special holiday treat for my patients that requires me to spend some time in the kitchen. Of course there is Black Friday shopping to consider and some great movies coming to theaters. More posts to come, I've really missed blogland!

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