Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 3 of the 12 Days Of Christmas

Today is technically my Day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas blog challenge. The best gift I have ever received was a king size hand sewn quilt made by my "granny". She gave it to me Christmas 2008 and it took her most of that year to complete. The fabric was over 50 years old, purchased at an estate auction. My mom bought some burgandy fabric to use on the back. On my birthday this year mom had a quilt rack custom built for me so I could showcase my quilt. Unfortunately all the ones I found in stores were too short for such a large quilt.
My granny died last black friday. This will be my second Christmas without her. I was really close with my grandparents, my parents worked opposite shifts so when I was young I stayed with them nearly every day. I love my quilt because I know how much time and effort and love went in to every stitch, even with her arthritis she completed the whole thing by hand.

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