Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm back! So I haven't had internet for a month, I could check my email at work but I can't do any "social networking". I bought a new phone yesterday, the Sprint Evo....I pondered for weeks whether I wanted to go with a droid or an iphone but finally I decided to renew with sprint. I love it and I love that it doubles as my router for internet service. I have a whole list of posts that I'd like to write but unfortunately I haven't felt well for the past 3 days. I spent 4 hours in urgent care yesterday afternoon and I have missed my lake weekend with friends. I think I'll participate in town festivities tomorrow for Independence Day but tonight I'm going to take it easy. I'll be jumping back on the blogging bandwagon this week though. (i hope this blog makes sense, i'm on medication right now :-)

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