Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hair Inspiration

I'm in such a hair rut. I was thinking of making a hair appointment with a new stylist and I was trying to collect a few ideas. I'm not sure if I want it cut into a cute style or if I want to get a trim and let it grow. I'm not sure if I wanted it colored to one shade or if I want to continue with highlights and / or lowlights. I have a long face with long features and I'm fair (MAC NC20) with light eyes. I love how quickly I can style shorter hair - it's easy to blow out and I can get it super straight. I also love long hair because it feels so feminine. Here are a few photos I collected from google images. Natalie Portman - These are bangs similar to mine, I was curious how they'd look with longer hair.
Kate Beckinsale - I love that she has angular pieces around her face instead of chopping bangs, maybe I'll trying growing mine out. I've had a hairstyle similar to this but I never put the time and energy into styling it.
Jennifer Love Hewitt. I love her hair color in this photo, the highlights are so well blended. She is very pale so I love the way the blonde doesn't wash her out.
Carrie Underwood. I love her hair in this photo. This is what I'd hope mine could look like in the transitional phase while I'm growing it out. My hair is about this length now but it needs a trim and some blended layering.
Angelina Jolie. Love her hair color here. This is almost my natural color but it looks like Angelina had lowlights for this photo. Part of me would like to color it all one shade and start all over again, I have a lot of blonde and red in my hair now and the last stylist didn't blend it as well as I would have liked.
Natalie Portman. This is my favorite photo I found, long layers, dark brown with a touch of golden highlight, and angled bangs. Natalie's hair isn't super thick and neither is mine so I think I actually can achieve the look in this photo. Bonus - if I grow out the bangs in this photo I'd have something similar to the Kate Beckinsale photo.
I'm probably going to splurge on new hair care products soon. I'm trying to use up the last of what I have now and replace with a new brand. I'll definitely be doing some research to find the best products for will take several trips to Ulta and Trade Secret I'm sure.

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