Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

I love the phrase hump day, it's kind of like looking at the week as a glass half full - it's almost the weekend. Isn't it crazy how we work all week just for those couple days off or in my case a 4 day weekend. Its the end of the month and my labs have been drawn already so I'm taking Friday off and my boss scheduled a meeting for next Friday so the best day next week to take off is Monday. I love a 32 hour work week!!!! Our centers are only dialyzing Monday, Wednesday and Friday so it's the new thing to dress down on Tuesdays and Thursdays - anything goes, just cover your modesty. It also gives me the option to wear open toed shoes; a few years ago I had the MOST AMAZING SHOE COLLECTION but I had to tone it down and buy closed toed flats when I worked in the hospital. Healthcare is not a field you want to go into if chic clothes and shoes are your poison. I work in one center where skirts and shorts are comfortable but the other center is more suited to a snow suit - usually I keep my space heater on. I'm actually trying to figure out how to wear my black yoga pants tomorrow since it is my monthly "fat week". Speaking of "fat week", I started running today. It's been several week since I'm exercised, with mom being sick and starting a new job (and my newly found social life) it fell to the wayside. I ran for 30 minutes with a 10 minute full body stretch - I just couldn't keep my mind on it any longer. It's crazy, when I lived in town I never liked running with my ipod, it was this fear that I'd get attacked or mauled over by a vehicle; now that I'm in the country I feel much more comfortable wearing my earbuds. I need to run for stress relief, the last few weeks have been hectic. I just joined a bloggy bible study - what a great idea! I just ordered the book for our study as well as a few other fun summer reads. If anyone is interested in joining I'm hoping it's going to be a good experience. I'm having a hard time finding that niche in my life, most single girls my age don't go to church around here, in fact most of the churches I've visted have been very family oriented which is awesome except when you're the odd one out. To tweet or not to tweet - I can't decide if I should get a twitter account. What in the world would I talk about. Aren't I involved with enough social networks? I didn't realize this post was going to be so random, I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. ok- twitter is a yes for sure. Bloggy bible study??? Tell me more!!

    I have been also trying to run more and more... and i use and ipod arm band that I put mine in when i run.