Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Third Trimester Favorites...

 Just a few things that got me through the last few weeks.

Reglan.  Available by prescription only but dang if it doesn't work.  It was prescribed to me for acid reflux to take 4x per day.  I only take it twice a day now but it's absolutely necessary for me.

Maidenform Bras.  I had to buy a few new bras to get me through my third trimester and after looking for a good quality bra that wasn't too expensive I chose these.  I love the fit and they're pretty.  Anything that makes a preggo feel attractive is gold.

This belt.  Because babies are heavy.

A pregnancy journal, I love this one.  I bought it the week I had a positive test so I could keep track of my thoughts each week and to keep up with my ultrasound photos.  The layout is great and I think it will make a great keepsake of this special time in my life.

Mama Bee Belly Balm.  It smells a bit like plastic but I love the consistency and it makes my skin feel so soft.  Plus it takes the itch out of my rather round tummy.

Coconut oil, can anyone tell me what this can't be used for?  It's great to prevent stretch marks, for massages, and for dry skin.

Silk PureAlmond Chocolate Milk, a cold glass of this makes for a yummy dessert.

Tarte BB cream, pregnancy glow in a tube.  I wanted a low maintenance product to use after birth so I chose to give this a go.  There isn't a lot of color but it blurs imperfections and smooths skin.

Red raspberry leaf tea, I don't care much for the flavor honestly but the benefits alone make it worth drinking.  I don't like it warm at all, probably the first tea I can say that about.  This one needs to be sweetened a bit and cold for me to drink it and even then I have to drink it fast.  I'm hoping that it helps my uterus prepare for labor and helps with healing afterward.

My final favorite is this link to a post from one of my favorite bloggers about her annual cleaning lists.  It's been important to get some chores done before the our daughter arrives.  I printed them out for some guidance to help me keep track of those important but not weekly chores.  We have been Spring cleaning for weeks and it's great to find resources like them to help you keep organized.  I'd recommend anyone check out her blog for other great ideas.

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