Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 38

38 weeks!  Sh*t is getting real over here y'all!  My husband and I are realizing that our time is limited and we are about to be willing slaves to a tiny tiny baby.  We have decided to go out like champs with a couples massage to kiss our peace and quite goodbye in style.

Size of the baby: I have two apps, one says swiss chard and the other says a baby bok choi, approx 6.5 pounds which hasn't changed since last week.

Total weight gain: Holding steady at 28 pounds

Maternity clothes:  Oh yes...

Gender:  Tiny baby girl

Nursery:  We ordered the bookcase finally!  The baskets are already organized so as soon as I can get it set up and the books/baskets on the shelves we can say done Done DONE.

Sleep: I was sleeping really well until about mid week and then THE dreams started.  Vivid, sometimes horrible, terrifying dreams.  Basically everything from a bad labor to something happening to the baby to fights between my husband and I - all nightmares, all waking me up in a panic.  I've heard that when you are preggo you can have very "real" dreams but I didn't realize that it would be quite like this.  I'm having straight night terrors and I'm hoping they stop soon because I am actually scared to go to sleep now.

What I miss:  Feeling like myself, I'm having trouble moving and getting comfortable in my own skin.  It's difficult to dress this 38 week preggo body too, I have limited options.

Cravings:  I can still tear up some chocolate milk, OJ, and ice cream.  No real cravings though, in fact most of the time I let R pick what to eat because I have no preference.  I'm still smacking some cinnamon gum though.

Other symptoms:  My belly itches, I'm reapplying my belly butter 2-3x per day.  It's hard to get up during the night, I have lots of aches and pains in my pelvis and lower back.  Every time I get up from the chair/floor/couch/bed I let out lots of grunts and groans.  I've had some mild swelling but the doctor says it's normal.

Best Moments:  So many!!!  I went for my 37 week appointment and I'm GBS negative - woot!  No antibiotics for this girl.  The tiny one is measuring a bit small but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about.

 I've been spoiled this week - my coworkers gave me a shower on Monday and we received so many cute gifts!

Then I was given flowers for Registered Dietitian Day on Wednesday:

Spoiled I tell you!  And on Friday I was given a shower at my second clinic, there was a nice spread of food in the break room but the decorations for the throw down were hidden in our conference room.

And I ended the week with a deluxe pedicure on Friday.  Ready for my close up?

We have booked a couple of massages at the end of the week and we plan to keep the appointment as long as she cooperates and bakes a little longer.  I've been working Saturdays to prepare for my leave and I still feel so behind - ready or not she is coming so the next couple of weeks we are along for the ride.
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  1. Cute bumpdate! I'm due with my second next week and its crazy how fast time is flying by!

  2. You may have just inspired me to finally go get a mani. I have totally neglected my swollen feet!!!