Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 36

Size of the baby:  Large cantaloupe, about 6 #

Total weight gain: 27 pounds total, I'm starting to feel the weight shifting a bit.  It seems like she might be getting a little lower.

Maternity clothes: All. The. Time.  I've turned my attention to nursing apparel.

Gender: It's all pink in our house.

Nursery:  No change from last week.  We still haven't gotten our bookcase yet but we will stop procrastinating in the next few days.  We had a shower on Sunday and received so many beautiful gifts that we haven't had time to sort completely through.  For now my girl's room has a pile of baby clothes that need to be organized and hung up along with some misc items that I need to find a place for.  We also need to figure out a better diaper storage solution but we aren't complaining about it.

Sleep:  I still love to sleep.  I'm noticing that I can go to bed later and wake up earlier without my alarm.  I'm exhausted after work though - I might not nap but I usually need to lay down for a while.

What I miss:  Feeling like "myself", lately I just feel like someone else.  Like I'm in someone else's body.  This experience has been a blessing but it's difficult to describe how miserable I can feel and how happy I can be at the same time.

Cravings:  Frozen yogurt, chocolate milk, cinnamon gum, and buttered toast.

Other symptoms:  I feel very full and it's harder to eat a meal.  I definitely get exhausted easily and after work I'm worn down.  Reflux of course.  Dull lower back pain and feet/leg pain.  Typical late pregnancy symptoms I suppose.

Best moments: I'm going to the doctor every week now and they will be checking for labor progression.  I'm having braxton hicks which are annoying but not debilitating.   I opened a case for FMLA so I can get my notice for a leave from work.  We had our last baby shower and it was a major success that deserves it's own post.

Oh, and I'm working on with my modified bed rest restrictions and having to force myself to "take it easy", though it's really stressful because I feel there is so much left to do before she arrives. #thirdtrimesteranxiety

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