Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

I was stumped for today's link up.  Five things from this week...the only thing on my mind is the ever growing munchkin inside of me.  Pretty much everything revolves around either preparing for her, preparing for life with her, or getting ready for my maternity leave.  I decided to look to Pinterest and share five of my favorite resources that I saved to help me plan for life with a baby.

What do babies need?

Carseat troubles?

Carseat Blog on Youtube has you covered

What do I need in the hospital?

And for postpartum needs?

How do I pack for a baby?

I pinned so many resources but I ultimately found these the most helpful.  I'd recommend them to another FTM and maybe after my own experience I'll have something useful to add to at least one of these lists. Some of this is good common sense but with third trimester anxiety and baby brain it is so much easier to ask veteran moms for opinions and look for suggestions through mommy blogs.  I'd like to feel prepared even if this baby is going to shake up every bit of security and confidence that I have as a human being.  It's not just a learning curve, it's a whole new adventure!

I'm not sure when I'll link up, likely it will be pretty late at night.  My childhood friend is getting married this weekend and it's going to be a busy Friday and Saturday.  After this weekend I'm not making any big plans for a good long while.

Happy Friday!

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