Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thirty By Thirty Update

R and I both celebrated big birthdays this month.  I posted our 30 before 30 list back in September and I wanted to post our progress.  We didn't get it all done, perhaps it was a bit ambitious going into the holiday months to think we could accomplish it all but any leftover items we are hoping to cross off this year. 

  1. Attend a concert. (Eli Young Band - October 2013)
  2. Refinish an old piece of furniture.(Our deacon bench, photos coming soon)
  3. Purchase something special from a flea market.
  4. Take a long weekend away together. (Nags Head getaway, March 2014)
  5. Go on a couples bike ride together.
  6. Plan and host a party. (A Dirty Thirty, April 2014 and a Jingle Mingle, December 2013)
  7. Cook a holiday meal. (Christmas Eve 2013)
  8. Build a piece of furniture.
  9. Attend a blogger meet-up. (November 2013)
  10. Enjoy a spa day.
  11. Run a 5k.* (Autism Run, October 12)
  12. Get a new tattoo*
  13. Visit a new winery.
  14. Watch a meteor shower. (attempted but it was pouring rain)
  15. Attend a professional sporting event.
  16. Finish a scrapbook.
  17. Pick a charity for a regular donation.
  18. See an off Broadway play.  (Book of Mormon, February 2014)
  19. Brew a new beer.
  20. Add new vegan and vegetarian meals to our collection. (At least 2 new recipes each month)
  21. Play the lottery.
  22. Learn how to make our own “green” cleaning products.  (laundry detergent, but we hope to make more)
  23. Go fishing with hubs.
  24. Make my own curtains. (Technically I didn't make them, my SIL did.  But I was present.)
  25. Decorate a cake.
  26. Organize our closets. (Almost completed -  except the two upstairs)
  27. Stick to a budget. (eh, working on it)
  28. Watch a full Harry Potter marathon in a weekend. (December 2013)
  29. Try a new cocktail each week. (I get too hung up on the same 2 or 3 options...and my wine)
  30. Establish our own holiday traditions. (I think we nailed this one)

Items marked with a * are specific to my hubs.

Less than half, but I'm not upset about it.  It gives us good direction for 2014 and we already have a plan to finish off the bulk of these.  This was a fun activity that hubs and I both enjoyed.  We might make a list of goals each year...maybe 10 instead of 30.  If you like lists then I'd definitely recommend putting something like this together with a plan to complete it.

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