Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Here are a few scenes of our Easter Sunday.  We started the morning with breakfast - sausage and egg croissant wreath.  A bit retro and incredibly delicious!  Next time I hope I have time to make a quick fruit salad to go along with it.
 The Easter bunny left me something special!  I got the vase I wanted from the white and color collection from Target and some yummy chocolate.
 That sneaky bunny left something for R too!  His favorite Chimay, olives, and the Q&A journal that I read about on a favorite blog.  I had never heard of a couples journal but I thought R would love it.
 We tried out a new church and we were surprised that they didn't offer a sunrise service (which is why we had to throw breakfast together in a hurry).  We are hoping that our search for a church home is over.  This church has the sweetest welcome program and we even got a small loaf of fresh bread.  I absolutely can make a decision based on bribery with baked goods.
 Hubs driving in his Easter best.
 Ha!  My attempt at an Easter Look of the Day.  My white JCrew dress from last year's rehearsal dinner made an appearance.  I'm glancing down because my heels were getting stuck in the wet ground.  The shoes were a practical choice since I wasn't sure how far we would have to walk on Easter morning...and hose y'all!  I pulled up the lycra because I am so scary pale right now.  
It's not your traditional holiday meal but it was a perfect Easter dinner for us.  Crab and shrimp, potatoes, and asparagus...oh and that yummy loaf of bread toasted nicely as a side dish.  
I hope everyone had a happy  Easter.  We were certainly able to share our blessings, especially our most important one...everlasting life through Christ.