Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Holding it down a few more hours before the weekend begins.  Until then I'm sharing my favorite five with the girls over at :

I purchased this beauty for the tiny area in our entry.  I needed something a bit taller than most tables and I didn't want wood.  I love it and the tray comes off for easy serving if you have company.

Yum!  I rep recently treated a group of us to PDQ chicken tenders, salad, and fruit dip.  Oh the fruit dip!  Cream cheese and toffee pieces that you dip apple slices into.  TOFFEE PEOPLE!  It's amazing and I want to recreate it at home.  I cannot stop thinking about that dang ol' delicious dip!  I need to treat R to some PDQ soon.

I love this new FX show!  R had never seen the movie so we caught it on netflix before the series premiere.  If you like ironic, dark comedy then you'll be thrilled.  If that's not your genre then you'd probably like it based on the actors and special appearances alone.


Explanation not needed.


We are planting an herb garden this weekend.  I realize it's a bit late in the season to do it but it's been so rainy, dreary and cool here.  We had to bring our plants inside a couple of nights just last week!  I think the temperature fluctuations are more stable now so we can get on this project.  We are going to lump them into one container, except for mint -  mint will have it's own separate playground. We already have a small mint plant that we are attached to that has produced several delicious mojitos.

Happy weekend to all!

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