Friday, April 18, 2014

Five on Friday: Easter Edition

Happy Good Friday!

It's a beautiful holiday weekend and I can't wait to finish this workday and get it started.  In preparation for all things pretty here are the top five favorites for Easter 2014.

A beautiful centerpiece - because tulips are definitely in my top three!  I might pick up a bunch to make our Easter table a bit more special.

Sunday dinner = grilled crab legs, fingerling potatoes, and probably asparagus.  This was a family tradition that I hope to continue in the future.

Sunday brunch - a wreath of sausage egg and cheese.  On a croissant.   I realize this is not mind blowing territory but R can tell you I will go far and wide for a croissant.

R and I are exchanging Easter baskets as we have done the past couple of years.  That white vase on the table under the lamp - I'm hoping that little guy will be in mine.  I can't find a very good picture of it online but there are two different styles available in stores and I love them both!

And the best thing about Easter ... God's love.!  These girls love the company.


  1. I want to copy your Sunday brunch and dinner! Sounds so delicious!

    Happy Easter!

    Elise @ Harvey Ever After

    1. We tried it this morning and it was beautiful and tasty! I'd definitely make it as a slightly fancier holiday breakfast alternative. Oh and it was easy...