Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pearl turns 1!

Warning - this post is full of bad puns

Ahoy blog friends.  Today I'm sharing our tale of Sunday festivities...and the tale is covered in fur and wags often.  My bestie gave her fur-ever friend Pearl a birthday party.  It was a warm afternoon and all the dogs had free run of the deck and backyard.  She even marked the location with a bundle of paw covered balloons.
 And here is Baby rested and ready to Pawty!
She really came for the free beer.  
 And the birthday girl herself getting ready to blow out her candle.
 The cake seems to be a winner among the furry crowd.
 Fur real - gimme that cake!
 Birthday girl had two slices.
 Katie and Pearl having a moment...
 literally just a moment, she wants more cake!
 Rob holding the happy puppy...
 And the whole crowd, the only time all afternoon that all of them were still long enough for a photo.
 Pearl is still more interested in the cake.
 Until she sees the treat ball, this one was a winner with the two younger dogs.
 Pearl wagged politely at each gift but really she wanted to play.
Our sweet girl was tired after a few hours of playing with dogs a full decade younger so we had to get her home to nap.  Katie passed out sweet "treat" bags for each pooch.
It was a great afternoon and the perfect excuse for cocktails and sunshine!


  1. Oh I am just seeing this!! I love love love all of the pictures. Thank you April! It was the best afternoon. I'm so glad you could all come! xoxo

  2. Thanks for coming to our pawty. We had a great time.