Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday countdown...

5.  Dance Fitness with Jessica - the viral internet sensation.  These dance workouts are fun, challenging and cover my facebook feed pretty much weekly.  This girl is crazy creative and not at all annoying (and some fitness instructors can be...especially those with lots of dance experience who forget that the rest of us are, less coordinated).  Here are two of her fans doing her Dark Horse routine:

4. Crockpot Chicken Parmesan - I put in on the list when I saw another blogger post in a couple of weeks ago.  I really have to start writing down where I get these recipes.  It was a winner - saucy, cheesy goodness.

3.  Our birthdays are coming up and we are throwing a shindig.  I'm using this tutorial to make some decorative banners for added color.  It's cost effective and the result is really pretty.

2.  I set a little goal to read a book a month.  I've learned if I don't actually set a goal then I don't follow through with it.  I love to read but it usually gets put on the back burner and I have a reading list that is a mile long.  This month's pick is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.  I haven't finished it but so far so good.

1.  National Registered Dietitian Day was March 12 and the month of March is National Nutrition Month.  It is so sweet getting emails and notes from coworkers (and my bosses!) to let us know that we are appreciated.  I like to celebrate with my patients by handing out new recipes and trying a few myself.  Look at the gorgeous flowers they surprised me with!

Happy Weekending!

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