Friday, March 28, 2014

Five On Friday

Missed it last week but now I'm back on beat...

1.  We went to the beach for our anniversary and spent a few days trying to relax.  Anyone that read my last post may realize that it didn't necessarily turn out that way but we tried to make the best out of a very bad sad situation.  The purpose was spend time as a family and we did; for a few short minutes we all even had our toes in the sand.  It was melancholy but it reminded me why people get they don't have to do the hard stuff alone.

2.  Speaking of anniversary...does anyone follow the traditional gift rules?  We did this year and we weren't even trying.  We purchased tickets to Ray LaMontagne in Raleigh. I've been a fan for years and R mentioned that he wanted to see him live for a while.  I'm not sure if we will continue with the traditional gift list though...some of them are difficult.  And whats up with the modern list...1st anniversary - clocks, huh?  A watch maybe, but a clock?

3.  I've had tired, red and dry eyes this week.  Ugh!  Impossible for a contacts wearer so I've been stuck in glasses. These have helped dramatically though I hate putting them in my eyes.  Its tricky and takes a few days to get the hang of it. Truthfully I still haven't quite got it yet... I'd still recommend them though for severe dry eyes because the cool gel feels like water straight from God's swimming pool.

4.  Starburst Jellybeans - so good!

5.  There are some cute things at Target right now.  The Spring offerings in the home section are the best I've seen.  I want everything.  The only thing I brought home this week was a navy chevron rug for our patio.  So sad that I didn't pick up a few of the colorful vases...I'm trying to focus on one area of our home at a time and I couldn't justify anymore purchases.  But I can't get a few items out of my head so something might have to come home with me this weekend.

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