Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Not feeling blog-life lately, real life has been getting in the way.  We are planning a party for our upcoming 3-0 and as always when we have bad weather, delays, and early closings I've been swamped with work from days that were cut short.  R and I have a mini vacation planned and I can't be more excited for a few days of nada.  I hope things slow down soon so I can get back to fun.  On a positive note R and I have had some success with Spring cleaning and organization. Slowly but surely everything is finding it's appropriate home.  My closet had a pretty big overhaul and I have several items that will hopefully find new homes via the good people at the Salvation Army.  Anyway lets get on with it...

Future Islands on David Letterman

This was a super exciting moment.  Future Islands is a band that started at ECU while R and I were there, at the time the band was called Art Lord and the Self-Portraits.  This week was their television debut...see that lead singer - I first met him when we were sixteen, back then he bore a striking resemblance to Wolverine.

Patio / Porch Cushions
premiere prints magna oxford

We want to buy coordinating cushions and pillows for our outdoor furniture to blend the set that we each had before we got married. We have a nice canvas hammock that is navy and white so we wanted to work with that scheme.  We decided on a palette of navy, white, and aqua.  I'm loving the print above and I think I'll have pillows made in this fabric.

Burts Bees Replenishing Lotion for Dry Skin with Cocoa and Cupuacu Butters
I received this as a thoughtful gift from my supervisor for National Registered Dietitian's Day (later this month, March 12!) but we had our monthly meeting this week so I got it early.  Oh... it's luxurious.  I'm sure it's relatively inexpensive but it does a phenomenal job of moisturizing even super dry skin like mine.  My hands are sandpaper, especially with all the washing and hand sanitizer that I'm required use at work.  I've only been using this for a couple of days but the moisture really lasts and the smell is pure heaven!  Initially it feels very light, a small amount will go a long way but don't be fooled, it's got some staying power.  The scent lasts a long while too, I've had it on for hours and I can still smell it.

Floral Sprays
Faux Phalaenopsis

I loved the bouquet that R gave me for Valentines Day and it lived on our mantel for a couple of weeks.  I want to fill that empty space with something similar that will last significantly longer than living flowers.  I LOVE these sprays from Pier 1 and I think I'll pick a few up to spruce up mantel.

House of Cards Season 2

Finally finished it this week.  Now for the long, long wait for season 3.

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