Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thirty Goals Before Thirty

We have about 7 months before our next milestone birthday and to mark the occasion we decided to make a list.  I love lists.  I live by lists.  Of course this popular post caught my attention, so without any more introduction:

Our 30 before 30
  1. Attend a concert.
  2. Refinish an old piece of furniture.
  3. Purchase something special from a flea market.
  4. Take a long weekend away together.
  5. Go on a couples bike ride together.
  6. Plan and host a party.
  7. Cook a holiday meal.
  8. Build a piece of furniture.
  9. Attend a blogger meet-up.
  10. Enjoy a spa day.
  11. Run a 5k.*
  12. Get a new tattoo*
  13. Visit a winery.
  14. Watch a meteor shower.
  15. Attend a professional sporting event.
  16. Finish a scrapbook.
  17. Pick a charity for a regular donation.
  18. See an off broadway play.
  19. Brew a new beer.
  20. Add new vegan and vegetarian meals to our collection.
  21. Play the lottery.
  22. Learn how to make our own “green” cleaning products.
  23. Go fishing with hubs.
  24. Make my own curtains.
  25. Decorate a cake.
  26. Organize our closets.
  27. Stick to a budget.
  28. Watch a full Harry Potter marathon in a weekend.
  29. Try a new cocktail each week.
  30. Establish our own holiday traditions.

Items marked with a * are specific to my hubs.  I'll be posting updates leading up to our birthday to show our progress.

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