Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

This Five on Friday I'm sharing my week in pictures...since I haven't posted in days.

Remember last weekend when I posted about how excited I was to spend time with BFF at the Beer and Wine festival?  Yerp, it was a blast.  We didn't make it to every site before hitting a rain storm but we were able to get through several samples.  Bestie had a great birthday and I got to try a yummy new restaurant in downtown Raleigh.
 Before we met up with fun people for the Wine and Beer Walk, R and I enjoyed a busy morning at our local harvest festival.  They had some great music and a street fair with so many vendors.  There were the normal farmers market stands but you could also buy pottery, art, jewelry, wreaths, and basically anything else.  I enjoyed a scone for breakfast and now I'm hooked.  Maybe I can talk R into getting one of these every Saturday.
 We brought along our new shopping tote.  I received this at the last professional meeting from the Southeastern United Dairy Association.  It's insulated with a nice thick lining and it's durable.  No this pineapple did not come from our farmers market...sadly it is not pineapple season in Eastern NC ...I took this pic after our last trip to the grocery.

Speaking of that last grocery haul...
Holy stock-the-pantry batman!  Look at all of this food for the grand total of  $16.95 at Harris Teeter.  Sadly there is no magic here...R won a $100 gift card at the last football game because he was the first person to hold up his rewards card.  I made a grocery list using the circular, store coupons, and Sunday paper coupons.  AND since we just had a new store open near us they have a promotion for 10% off the entire purchase for the week of their grand opening and a mailer offering $10 off any $50 purchase for the next 4 weeks.  Hello savings!

Gold on the ceiling, er not actually on the ceiling.  I bought a $4 can of gold spray paint at Walmart and I went a little crazy with it this week.  R helped.  And by helped I mean he took over.  My husband plays like he doesn't like DIY projects but he really gets into them. 
I hated those metal pillar candle holders when they were black but I love them now.  That glass cylinder vase?  Didn't care much for it either but with the fun gold swirls I think it's so pretty.  

I made a new wreath for our front door.  I saw so many wreaths featured on the last 5 on Friday link and I was glad I didn't post it last week.  I have to be a little different, right?  I wanted a chevron initial so I picked a cheap "J" up from Michaels along with a basic wreath and a bottle of Martha Stewart pearl paint,  The burlap ribbon is the same one our wedding photographer wrapped my bridal portrait in and this was a way to repurpose it.

What are five things are on your mind?  Join the lovely Five on Friday ladies and don't keep all the fun to yourself.


  1. Cute wreath! I think I'm going to make one this weekend. What steal at Harris Teeter! That's a lot of stuff you got! Love the cylinder with the gold stripes, you're really talented! Have a good weekend!

    1. You are too kind. My wreath and my vase were products of my intense love for washi tape. If you zig zag or wrap the tape and paint as you wish the end result will be fantastic. I love HT, it's deffo my favorite store of choice. I hope you have an excellent weekend as well!

  2. Oh my the gold spray paint!! The striped vase is so pretty, and I could definitely see it filled with some ornaments for an easy Christmas decoration. You have such a cute blog! Following along now. :)

    1. Use that washi tape girl - you can make any pattern on a vase that you want. Thank you for the compliment, I can't wait to check out your blog.

  3. I love what you did with the gold spray paint! My husband always wants to get in on my projects too, but really he just wants to have his say in the whole thing, like put that flower here or here I know how to do that! LOL

  4. LOVE the gold vase! I have been itching to get some gold spray paint on my hands, it's totally happening next weekend.