Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random Current Favorites

Oh thank God that we are past the mid week "hump".  I've had a mini blog break because I've had "home-work" every night so far.  Tonight's post is going to be simple, last week I listed some favorite shopping sites and the same week I saw a post from A.Liz Adventures  listing some of her random favorites so I'm following her lead and sharing mine too along with a couple of additional ones.  It's a post I was contemplating anyway but I love that someone else thought along the same line.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Blue Bell ice cream is amazing, Happy Tracks is my favorite but I also love vanilla as a year round option.  I never eat it plain of course, chocolate syrup, fruit, pretzels, or a brownie typically find it's wait into the bowl.  Never eaten ice cream with pretzels?  Well you are missing out!

Favorite Lipstick
YSL Rouge Volupte #9  in Caress Pink, I wore it on my wedding day and almost every day since. I love it on pale and tanned skin.

Favorite Way to Spend a Lunch break
In my office usually playing Words with Friends with R for a few minutes and reading a daily devotional from the Proverbs 31 Ministries.  A couple days out of the month when I'm in a certain clinic I will take 20 minutes and run to the local TJMaxx.  Its my favorite of one of any that I've ever been to - so clean and organized.
Favorite Vacation Destination
Charleston, SC.  I will go any time of year.  I also enjoy mini beach trips even in the dead of winter.

Favorite Fast Food
Jersey Mikes, I like the turkey sub.  I love Panera, I have a "usual" there as well.  We have a local deli that makes fantastic chicken salad on toast that I enjoy every once in a while.  If I'm really in a bind I like the apple pecan chicken salad from Wendys but normally I stay away from any place with a drive thru.

Favorite Wine
ApothicRed.  So good, I can drink it with anything and it's not too heavy.

Favorite Recent Cocktail
Moscow Mules made with blueberry simple syrup.  I took the idea from Morgan at Makeshift Margaritas last week and since then I've been addicted.

Favorite Eyeshadow
I've worn Urban Decay YDK almost every day for the past month with a little UD zero liner and mascara.

Favorite Fall Activity
I love visiting the corn maze.  There is one in a nearby town that also has a pumpkin patch so it's the best location for a fall afternoon.  Add a Starbucks coffee and a light scarf and I'm in autumn heaven. 

I love reading favorites posts so feel free to let me know if any of you are going to be posting a list as well!

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  1. Glad you love the Blueberry Moscow Mules as much as we do! So, so delicious. And I really want the Naked 2 palette, I have Naked and wear it almost everysingleday (since last July) and I swear I haven't made a dent in it! Stuff lasts forever!