Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Review ...

I love weekends that are slam packed with fun activities...but my favorite weekends are the ones that we have the flexibility to change our plans if we want to.  R just started a new work schedule allowing him to have Fridays off - unfortunately this past Friday he had to take his Jeep out of town to get the transmission worked on.  Since I picked him up in the middle of the day he had to wait for me to get off work before we could go home.  We had to rush to get to Raleigh for a late dinner and drinks with good friends.

Katie and Rob gave us two options for Friday dinner and we picked Trophy Brewing Company.  This chill bar in downtown Raleigh was packed with patrons inside and out but luckily Katie was able to grab four seats at the bar.  R and I had the "Most Loyal" pizza that included a honey drizzle over the crust and sipped on some of their craft beer.  

On Saturday R and I went to the local farmers market for some fresh peaches and I splurged on a pretty bouquet and some ice cold ginger ale.  We toyed with the idea of going to the flea market before deciding it was too pretty of a day to waste the sun.

Instead we sat poolside for several hours before going inside to enjoy mojitos and homemade ziti (odd combination, I know).  R also made the base for some yummy peach ice cream that he churned on Sunday morning in the ice cream maker we received as a wedding gift.

Today, our house received a much needed cleaning and we lounged around since it rained a good chunk of the afternoon.  And - I decided on a web designer!  Remember when I mentioned I wanted a new blog layout well it was put on hold and then I couldn't decided which company I wanted to work with or what I wanted in my design.  Well, on today I took the plunge and "fingers crossed" Carolina Belle will have a new look soon.

I should also mention that I tried a new hair stylist last week.  I grew my hair out for my wedding but with the sun, humidity, heat styling, chlorine, etc my ends were incredibly dry and split in certain areas.  I couldn't get it to hold curl (even my natural curl) and it would get really frizzy.  The stylist had to take off SEVERAL inches to remove the damage and I ended up with hair that just barely hits the bottom of my shoulder blade.  I let it dry naturally with some curl mousse on Saturday and it looks perfect!  I may swear off heat styling for the rest of summer!

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