Monday, July 1, 2013

June Concert in the Park

R and I had a blast at our local town square concert last week.  Why am I so late posting it?  Well because I'm still very much under the weather and we were out of town for a few days.  I'm very much "behind" in my updates :-(

 R surprised me with a new koozie - the town was selling them to support a fundraiser that helps underprivileged kids receive the school supplies they need.  I love that it lists all the bands that are booked to play this summer.
 It's my favorite week of the month when this sign goes up in the square.  Several local vendors come out to the event, last week a local bakery sold banana pudding cupcakes - what? Yep, mind blown.
 A beautiful day for a seersucker skirt.  Too bad the bugs were out, my fragrance for the night was Eau de Deet.  Okay not really deet, I'm trying a new version from Off! that is suppose to be natural but it certainly does not smell very good.
 R enjoyed a rye beer from our favorite brewery.  They come out to all the town events with a couple of options.  The town also offers wine for non-beer drinkers but I don't usually participate since it's a work night.
 Our entertainment for the night was the Central Park Band. they specialize in beach music and other offerings that you can shag to.  
I can't wait for the July concert, we are going all out for a picnic in the park.

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