Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Skin ...

This summer I have nailed an easy beauty regimen for my skin.  Of course I'm still cleansing and moisturizing but beyond that I'm not wearing a lot of heavy makeup.  Unlike years past when I would fiddle with tinted moisturizers and not really care for the coverage, always relapsing back to conventional foundation.  I really wanted to simplify and I'm so glad I found these new favorites...
 I purchase these usually at Target or Ulta and I always get the medium natural tan despite the fact that I am naturally as white as a sheet of paper.  One towelette covers my whole body and face and I typically use two wipes per week to keep a healthy glow.  For a friend's wedding recently I used three the week before and I was beautifully golden by the big day.  I have been using these since February and I'm not sure I'd go back to messy gels, mousse, or lotions.  They are perfect for travel too!
 Wow. I took the BB cream plunge and I hate that it took me so long.  I spend $35 and up usually on quality foundation (MUFE, Bobbi Brown, etc) so I'm thrilled that I found a drugstore product that offers exceptional coverage.  I wear light/medium in the oily skin formula and I purchased it from Target on sale.  The tube is huge!  I've been wearing it for two months and I've not dented the bottle.  Garnier makes a lot of claims about the skin care qualities - I can't really say I've seen any change in the tone of my skin but this is a decent tinted moisturizer that covers hormonal and acne redness.  There are only two shade selections so it may not work for everyone but it is worth a try if you buy from a place with a return policy.
My first trip to the pool this year I wore sunscreen and had a terrible breakout in the week following.   I wanted a more natural sunscreen so I purchased a whole line of this - the tube for face, tube for body, and the spray formula (it isn't an aerosol).  So far I've been happy with it, after many hours outside I've not experienced a sunburn yet and I've not noticed a serious breakout after using it.  This costs a few more dollars than the other product I was using but worth the expense.

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