Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review: The Honest Life

I have enjoyed several new books this summer and one that has really stood out is The Honest Life by Jessica Alba (yep, that Jessica Alba aka Sue Storm herself).  She has her own business, The Honest Company where she creates and distributes natural goods for your home, bath, and baby.  The book doesn't just plug her products though, she actually gives you a list of companies that follow an "all natural" philosophy.  R and I are trying to go with a more eco-friendly lifestyle as part of our 2013 resolutions.  I bought a new car with much better gas mileage, we have switched to non-toxic cleaners, shop at the farmers market, and we recycle.  Er, and that's pretty much where it ends.

I follow a few green blogs and we have been making changes slowly.  The Honest Life received such good reviews that I chose to purchase it despite my doubts.  There are a few things I don't like about it, for one the "honest life is" and "is not" lists I thought were vague and elementary but I realize she was trying to make an eco lifestyle sound like more fun.  I appreciate that she included some lifestyle projects that she uses and placed them in the book, though I would probably never try them.  What I do like, love actually is that she lists harmful chemicals and where they are found.  She also did a lot of research on non-toxic companies with budget in mind.  The book has some really good information and it is written in a way that does not require a biochem degree.  She stresses a simple (non- processed) life with less plastic, less waste, and fewer additives.  I'm glad I have this book in my collection and after reading it through, I will probably reference it in the future.  I'm interested in some of The Honest Company products as well - I haven't placed an order but I may price it out to see if the cost is better than my local Target for their natural cleaners and detergent.

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