Monday, March 4, 2013

Wedding Update...19 days left

Oh my goodness, time is flying by!

Work is the most hectic thing in my life.  I have to get all the tasks that typically take 26-30 days (a full month) completed in just 21 days.  The clock is ticking and I have a strong feeling there are going to be a LOT of late nights.  Two weekends ago I had my bachelorette party and last weekend R and I took an impromptu trip to Nags Head...trip post to follow in the upcoming days.  There isn't a lot of time left and we have several more things to check off before the big day!  Here are the items I need to complete this week...

  • Print Programs
  • Finish the Coordinator's Notebook
  • Write Out the Escort Cards and Assign Dinner Seating
  • Get Marriage License (March 6)
  • Purchase Beer for Reception
  • Confirm the Number of Ceremony Chairs
  • Pay for Reception Linens
  • Confirm the Guest Count For the Caterer
  • Hair Appointment for Cut and Color (March 7)

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