Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Update, only 10 more days...

I said it for the first time out loud...only 10 more days.

This past week I made all the solid arrangements with the caterer, baker, rental company, etc since we finally had our guest count.  We also picked up the beer for our reception and made all of our final vendor payments.  All of our escort cards were written, my rehearsal dinner dress was altered, and I wrapped R's wedding gift.  R finalized our ceremony and reception music and had his suit tailored.  And of course assembled the welcome bags as seen in my last post.

My list is getting super small now :-) 
  • Print the programs
  • sterilize all mason jars for beverages
  • deliver glass milk bottles to florist
  • finish the cake stand - R
  • order lunch for the bridal suite and pick up some bottled water
  • Finish the escort card display - R
  • Send out the timelines for the wedding party 
  • Make a nail appointment for my mom and I
On Thursday I will be with my mom all day, packing the wedding items to go to the reception site along with my bag for the weekend.  R and I will have all day on Sunday after the wedding to pack for our honeymoon.

Everyone pray for good weather, I should find out a tentative forecast this weekend!

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