Monday, March 4, 2013

In the Kitchen: Banana Bon-Bons

My "pre-wedding" diet includes several options for healthy snacks, but this past weekend the craving hit....chocolate.  I decided to make a quick dessert using a recipe that I saw in a magazine recently:

Banana Bon-Bons
1 banana thickly sliced
melted chocolate (bittersweet morsels with a small pat of butter melted in a double boiler)
sliced almonds

Using a toothpick dip each banana slice into the chocolate to coat and top with chopped nuts. Place the banana slices on wax paper (or in my case aluminum foil) and pop into the freezer.  When the chocolate hardens, place them in a freezer safe container.

These were delicious and totally hit the spot - an added bonus, they are really cute.

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