Thursday, March 14, 2013

February / March Favorites Post

I never technically got around to writing an updated favorites post last month but I probably didn't have enough to do two different posts anyway.  I've had bridal brain for weeks!  Here are some things I've been loving lately...

Yum.  Yes I am aware that I could buy a bag of walnuts and a bag of almonds and made my own "100 calorie" packs for much cheaper but these are super convenient.  I love this in oatmeal too.
My stylist said I needed to use a hair masque on my ends.  I have healthy hair but it's too long and the ends are looking a bit frayed.  She wanted me to use Moroccanoil but she didn't have any stocked when I went to get my trim and color.  I was going to have to special order and it wouldn't be in until after the wedding.  After a search online I read many great reviews on this version available at Ulta.  I love it!  I'm using it on my hair from the bottom of my neck down.  I feel like there has been a big reduction in flyaways and frizz.

 I'm enjoying this in my oatmeal and blended in my almond milk.  This shake has protein and fiber...AND flavor.
I found this gem of a sleep mask at bed bath and beyond.  It's shaped like a bra with space above each eye for blinking.  It's lightweight and I like to wear mine loose so I don't get a dent in my hair. My mask is a much prettier cream and purple pattern.  

Sam Edelman sandals purchased from Bevello.  Since it is starting to warm up these newbies are going to get a lot of attention.

I purchased a Tart Collections Adrianna Maxi Dress (mine is the blue and white brushed pattern, not the one above).  This dress is an amazing fabric that doesn't wrinkle.  I think it's pretty enough to be dressed up or down AND it will look amazing for touring and dinner on our honeymoon.

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