Sunday, August 12, 2012

Registering Fun and Ring Shopping

I think we are finally finished with our wedding registry.  I'd like to offer advice to couples who have yet to register for their wedding...make a list and give yourself plenty of time.  I really wanted it to be fun so we went in blind (well not completely, we had researched and read reviews on a few appliances).  Originally we chose two stores for our registry but we soon realized we needed to add a third store to meet the "quota" for items in all price ranges.  We did almost everything in one day in person but I had to tidy everything up online.  It also took some additional time for us to settle on a few items.  I learned that a lot of stores offer discounts on anything left on a registry, it was an incentive to register for expensive items that we would never expect our guests to consider.  Really who can afford to give someone a $300+ vacuum? 

I am really excited for an automatic 20% off a Dyson though :-)  I'm going to share a few of our registry favorites:
 TravelPro Lite Walkabout
 Kate Spade Liberty Lane
 Calphalon  (we will probably buy pieces from this set for each other as holiday gifts)
 Kate Spade Photo Frame
Gorham Lady Anne Crystal Cake Server.  We registered for the matching toasting flutes and candle sticks as well.

And here are a couple of pictures I took the day we registered at Target...nevermind the doe in headlights look I gave the camera.  For some reason I thought it was really important to "capture the moment"...haha!

Also for the past few weekends we have visited several jewelry stores looking for the perfect wedding bands.  My engagement ring came from Baileys (a local jewelry chain) and I found a great channel set diamond band that complements my center stone.  It should look a lot like this:
R decided to go with cobalt as his metal of choice.  I did a lot of research on Scott Kay Cobalt and it seems perfect for him.  This is his front runner:

I think ring shopping is probably my favorite wedding chore so far and I can't wait to finalize our decision and purchase his ring!

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