Monday, August 27, 2012

Recent Purchases

I received an email this morning from Sephora that there was a new 500 beauty point perk for a Laura Mercier kit.  I needed to replenish my Two faced shadow insurance and my Nars Laguna Bronzer so I went ahead and purchased them so I could add this great perk to my cart.  I've not tried that many LM products so it's a good opportunity to get several samples.  As a special surprise for me, not only did I qualify for free shipping but I also had $19 in store credit where I returned something back in the spring and totally forgot about it.
On Sunday R and I visited the Winterville Watermelon festival.  We were bored and wanted something "different" to do....and I wanted a funnel cake.  I found a booth where a local craftsman had several woodworks for sale.  We walked away with this bird house for $15.  I can't believe it, if we had purchased this at a pottery or garden store we wouldn't have bought it for less than $40.  I can't wait to see it hanging in our back yard. 
I've been wanting a Hobo wallet/clutch for a while but with all the wedding expenses I couldn't justify spending $130 on one.  I was looking at a local department store and found a Hobo in a discontinued pattern in the clearance section marked down to $77.  I asked if I could use the 20% off coupon from the Sunday circular on redline clearance and they allowed it!  I walked away with this bag for less than half of the original pricetag.  I love the pattern!
 Kate Spade sent an email last week welcoming me to a secret sale / 2 day event.  It coincided with the big Lilly Pulitzer end of season sale so I had a big decision to make.  I couldn't give up a great deal on a handbag though.  A few months ago I purchased a fun Kate Spade bag in coral and I've carried it most of the summer.  I'll continue to carry it into the fall since bright colors are in but I'm sure closer to winter I'll need a more neutral option.  This Southport Avenue Aurelia in Hazel is beautiful and thanks to the sale I received it 65% off.
 When I found out my start date for my new position at work I knew I would need a different planner as my old one had my schedule for only 2 clinics for the upcoming months.  I decided it would be great to have a fun one to also keep my important wedding dates and chores in.  This Lilly Pulitzer agenda goes from August 2012 to December 2013 and has several sections.  There is a full calendar or "quick look" monthly calendar in the middle where I keep all wedding related information.  There is a more extensive "weekly calendar" in the back where I can write all my work related notes and tasks.
 A bauble necklace in pink.  I've wanted one of these for a while so when I was in Raleigh I popped by a favorite boutique and purchased it.  They had so many colors - yellow, mustard, green, blue, mint, pink, purple, burgandy, white....I wasn't sure which one to get.  I wear a lot of black and I knew the pink one would really pop.  I plan on wearing this with my rehearsal dinner dress so I can consider it a wedding expense.  I've already worn this necklace twice this week (once to work and once out with friends) and it looks great with my new Hobo clutch.
I actually bought a few other items that I don't have photos for - a new flowy black top and two jcrew pencil skirts that were marked down from the already clearance price.  Now I'm on a personal spending freeze - I want a pair of booties from DSW (but they don't count because I have a store credit to spend).  I can't purchase anything else that isn't wedding related or a Christmas gift for someone else.  August has been a definite splurge month for me so now it's time to tighten up the wallet.

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  1. Great purchases!! I've had to put myself on a spending freeze, too...except for wedding purchases. :)