Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Skin Regimen

Several weeks ago I decided to change my skin regimen.  I experienced a few freaky skin days where I had dryness and acne....I'm blaming that on the humidity.  Also I wanted my skin to be in top shape for my bridal portraits in October.  After a lot of research I decided to start with Murad products and to break out my Clarisonic Mia.  The "acne free" commericals with the clarisonic look alike reminded me that I had one hidden in drawer.  I still love my Avalon Organics Vitamin C cleansing gel but I've used it religiously twice a day for almost three years and I thought it would be a good idea to change it up.  These Murad products are great so far but they are costly so I'm not opposed to the idea of going back to Avalon in the future.
The murad refreshing cleanser is my nighttime face wash.  It does a great job of removing my makeup.  The product contains aloe and cumcumber which I think has been helping reduce some of the redness in my face.  I LOVE that it completely removes my mascara.

The clarisonic mia, I've had this for a few years and I go through spurts where I use it and then I lose interest in it.  It really helped with the weird skin flakiness I was having last month.  I've been using it with the refreshing cleanser three times a week. 
I've been using Ole Henrikson three little wonders for a couple of years and I love it.   I use the gel and the transformation cream at night and the vitamin c serum in the mornings.  The products help with dryness and redness.  The fact that I continue to purchase this is huge for me, I always try samples of products but nothing has compared.
I use Fresh sugar lip treatment every night.  I think exfoliating and moisturizing at night helps my lipstick go on perfect in the morning.
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eyes has been my eye cream for the past couple of months.  I received a sample of this product and the jar is neverending.  It's an okay product, I'll use my sample but I probably will not purchase the full size.
My morning face wash Murad AHA exfoliating cleanser.  Since I use this I only need to use the clarisonic 2-3 times a week.  The exfoliating particles are small and they aren't sharp like the apricot scrub I was using.  This product also contains glycolic acid which is the ingredient I think is helping with my uneven skin tone in the morning.  Of all the two Murad products this is the one I think is  doing the most for my skin.

Overall I'm happy with this routine, it doesn't take a lot of time and the products are all generously sized.  Also I have had several days in the past two weeks where I haven't wanted to wear face makeup  (I still wore powder, blush, and eye products).  I feel like my skin is looking very fresh and even on it's own ....and since it's been so hot and humid I like wearing less layers on my face.

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