Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Belk Engagement Party

Mom and I attended an "Engagement Party" at a local Belk department store where R and I are registered.  Belk is hands down my favorite department store because they are everywhere in NC; unfortunately if you want a store that carries more designer names you have to go to Raleigh or Charlotte.  We received an invitiation via email on the Tuesday before the party but R was on call that weekend so I asked my mom to go - - - she had a blast!  Mom really hasn't had many opportunities yet to do any wedding chores, she has been super involved in all aspects of my dress and accessories but not much beyond that. 

When we arrived they had my bridal registery printed and gave me a scanning gun to make additional changes if I wanted and I entered a few of the sweepstakes they had available for prizes (nice prizes too, there were about a dozen to give away).  There were vendors there showing off their products - Cuisinart, Keurig, Nespresso, Clinique, and a glass etching artist.  There was a DJ and tons of snacks displayed on crystal and silver serving pieces from brands that Belk sells.  Oh and everyone received a gift bag as an awesome piece of swag.  Mine had mints, a cookie cutter and sugar cookie recipe, a pearl bracelet, $25 gift card, and a few samples of perfume and mascara.  I actually won one of the clinique giveaways and received a small gifts sack with several full size products.  My new favorite mascara:
Yessir my love affair with Covergirl Lash blast has ended.  I will be purchasing this mascara from now on...the brush seperates my lashes into a full fan.  Who knew I'd ever go back to a traditional brush?

If you are debating on what stores to visit for your bridal registry I'd definitely recommend Belk if you lucky enough to have one in your state.
The same weekend of the engagement party I had received the Bride and Groom Challenge with a recent Amazon.com order.  R and I had a blast with it!

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