Friday, May 20, 2011

Sephora Birthday Purchases

I bought these makeup items for myself a few weeks ago for my birthday. I'll probably be ready to review them soon because I've been wearing them exclusively since I got them. Originally I went into Sephora looking some "photo" appropriate makeup to play with before my best friend's wedding. I know I've found the right blush and foundation!
Nars Madly Blush. Just seeing this in the store it looks...blah. I would have never picked it up if it hadn't gotten so many good reviews. On my pale skin it shows up as a natural shade, it really doesn't even look like blush. It gives me the best color though, even an illusion that I have had some sun on my cheeks. Urban Decay Bourbon. After falling in love with Zero I thought I'd give this a try for summer. I love to swipe a bronze shade on my eyeline and forgo all the shadow. It is a beautiful deep metallic bronze but it isn't right for me. It brings out the red undertones in my eyelid and even makes my eyes look red. Some "bronzy and coppery" colors oxidize in a weird way on my skin. But I wouldn't hesitate to tell someone else to try it, the color is great, it just doesn't work on me.
MUFE Mat Velvet. LOVE THIS. I still like my beloved Korres but this provides a little more coverage and it doesn't have SPF so it should photograph beautifully. My shade is Ivory and it is a perfect match. I wouldn't say it's truely "matte", my skin looks very natural when I put it on but a few hours later I definitely have some shine. I don't mind, I expect to have to do a few touchups during the day. I have tried other matte products that almost make the skin powdery looking; some of them are sometimes hard to blend.
This was a free perk from Sephora and it is a pretty good one. I LOVE the cream eyeliner, in fact I like it better than the bourbon eyeliner that I purchased. The only downside is the kit didn't come with an eye liner brush, it would have been nice to have a small travel one. I have a sigma eyeliner brush and a coastal scents one that I love but I feel like one should have been included in this kit. The neutral eyeshadows are perfect for summer, I've been wearing them to work mostly. I haven't tried the primer and I'll definitely be reviewing the lashDNA mascara.

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