Monday, May 9, 2011

A couple new products that I'm loving...

In the upcoming weeks dreaded Carolina humidity will be more and more common and I tend to reach for my tried and true hairspray BigSexyHair Spray and Play Harder. I recently picked up this one from Target to try...Garnier Fructis Style Full Control Aerosol Hairpray in Strong Hold (or level 2). I love it! I haven't tried it in thick humidity yet but for the rest of the months of the year this will probably be a go to hairspray for me. When I use it I achieve flexible hold that stays even on a rainy day and the shine! I have definitely noticed it gives my hair a nice sheen. I'm really sensitive to a lot of skincare products as they tend to break me out. I used a coppertone one a few weeks ago and had a pretty severe breakout. More recently I've been using this one for days I'll be getting a lot of sun. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer liquid daily sunblock, the description states it "works beautifully alone or under makeup and moisturizers". It has SPF70, lightweight and broad spectrum UVA/UVB that shields skin 6 layers deep from premature skin aging per their product claims. I love the finish, it absorbs easily and doesn't leave me shiny as some of their products in the past. Most importantly I didn't burn! I'm using this on my face, neck, and ears and there haven't been any breakouts.

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