Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Apartment Post

I've been living here for a few months but it takes so long to post photos I've procrastinated on sharing these. I really like this apartment; the community is very quiet, the maintenance is fast and efficient and the details are great - I have chair rails, crown molding, ceiling fans, nice light fixtures and a very nice kitchen with great appliances and storage.

My Kitchen. I really would like to paint, I hate the white walls.

My tiny entry way. I bought this little table to house my incoming mail, stamps, pens, etc to stay organized.
Living Room and a small glimpse of the bar area. Lilly desperately tried to get my attention and refused to step out of the photo. I've been looking an actual coffee table. I love this ottoman and, in past apartments, it has been a great source of storage but now I'm really wanting a nice heavy cherry wood coffee table to match my end table.
Living room, the only thing new are the leather bar stools seen on the left. When my grandma passed away she left me that cute antique sewing box in the corner.
Makeup and hair product storage
My huge walk in closet!
Bathroom, this didn't change much from my last apartment

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