Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ava Rose at 10 months...

Looking more and more like her daddy...

Ten month facts:
  • What a ham, she loves to wave at strangers, play with little people, and be out and about.
  • Waving, clapping, and some sign language.  She knows, "milk" and "more" and understands "eat".
  • Plays peekaboo, loves to "sing" and "talk" during a conversation.
  • Errrrything goes into that mouth, she really loves keys.  Remote controls. And phones - yuck, I try to steer her away from those.
  • Oh baby, we can crawl.  And we are starting to pull up on furniture.
  • Loves her crib, we will need to lower it this week since she is pulling up.
  • We have a tooth!  And then we got another tooth!
  • Loves to blow raspberries, coo, and laugh.  

Nicknames: Nuggie, nugget, bunny, little bear, pook pook, oh my we have a lot of nicknames

Weight: no doctor appointment this month so we haven't checked

Length:  We haven't checked but by looking at her pant legs she has definitely grown since her last checkup.

Eyes:  Dark when I met her and staying that way.

Clothes: 6-9 month.  Depending on the brand she is able to wear 12 month pants for length.  She is starting to get a bit long for her footie pjs so we will have to move up to 12 month soon.  We still wear a sleepsack at night but they max out at a 9 month size so our days are number in them as well.

Diapers: size 2 but we wear size 3 at night only because we have several packs thanks to my mother in law.  They fit great.  We had purchased size 2 and we have them at daycare.

Sleeping:  Much, much better, we can get 3-4 hour increments at least.  We had a few bad nights where she woke every 1.5 hours due to teething but most nights we put her down at 8 and she sleeps until 4 am at least.  I can nurse her to sleep until 6-7 am.  Sometimes she wakes up around 10pm or midnight but she can either put herself back to sleep after a few whimpers or we can pat her back and she settles down again.

Likes:  Our happy nugget likes pretty much everything.  Food obviously, sippy cups, eating at the table, exploring on her own, her teachers and classmates.

Dislikes:  She hates being put down or being alone.  She really doesn't care for being up past 8 pm. 

Feeding:  Stage 3 foods, arrowroot cookies, teething wafers, yogurt melts, and puffs are stocked around here.  She mostly eats from our plate at home and gets some "treats" when we are out and about.  She gets 3 bottles, a jar of food, and a snack at daycare.  In a few weeks we will start letting her eat some of the foods the toddlers get at school.  We nurse on demand at home.

Ava's Favorites: Amber teething necklace, Happy Baby teething wafers, my first toothbrush, bandana bibs, saline spray, baby aquaphor, Ruby Love baby book, Little People Doll House.

Milestones: We have two teeth!  She started crawling and pulling up (more like attempting to pull up on furniture), first taste of cake, sleeping through the night regularly, first snow, first New Years celebration, and we joined a church as a family.

Postpartum:  Nothing new to report, other than I'm getting really tired of dragging this pump, parts, and bottles around all the time.  I love nursing so I put up with the pumping side...but I'm not going to miss the latter.  Also not all clothes are flattering over a pumping bra :-/

Want to watch her grow?


  1. Ooh I love her gold headband! She looks like a greek goddess! xo

  2. Sounds like things are going well! Ava sure is growing! Yay for sleeping through the night! I definitely don't miss the pumping. So much work! But it's worth it, so good for you for keeping it up!